Q - What is the Member site for?

A - It's a place where creators, fans and potential clients can connect with each other.

Q - Does being a member of the site cost money?

A - No it’s absolutely free! Feel free to sign up now!

Q - Do I keep the copyright of my work that I post on this website?

A - Yes! You do not have to worry it's 100% yours and always will be.

Q - What are the benefits of being a member?

A - You’ll have full access to the website and you’ll also be able to post on the forum too!

Q - I want to collaborate with you. How do I do that?

A - Please check the collab page and look at the projects available!

Q - I’m interested in collaborating, but the projects don’t interest me. What should I do?

A - Have a look at project D on the collaboration page, or check the members forum too!

Q - I made some fanart of your comics, where can I submit it?

A - Thank you! You can submit it to my discord bluesky#4450. 

Q - The question I'm looking for is not here.

A - Please go to contact page and contact me there and I'll make sure to answer all your questions.