Open for collaboration!

How to apply

・Share your examples in the showcase section, and contact me on the contact page. Don't forget to include which project you are interested in when you apply.

Position: Assistant

Genre: BL, Comedy, Romance.


Title: Chiharu & Chiaki

Format: short Scroll.

Job - character sketching.

- Csp preferred.



Length: 7 to 15 panels an episode.

(short/long term).

Style: "The Vending Machine" comic.

Project A

Position: Artist

Genre: GL, Romance.



Title: Sparkling Zombie


Format: short Scroll.

- Csp preferred



Length: 7 to 15 panels an episode.

(short term).

Style: Manga style.

Project B

spakling zombie.jpg

Position: Co-Artist

Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy, Drama.

Title: Rangora


Format:  Scroll.

- Csp preferred

Job: Storyboard and/or Lineart.

Style: Slightly cartoonish.


Length: 15 to 25 panels an episode. (long term).

Concept art Added soon

Project C

Position: Artist/Other

This position is for creators looking for a different genre that isn’t listed in projects A, B or C.

If you have a specific genre or theme in mind, then you can apply for project D.


Format: Your choice!

- CSP or PS preferred


Length: Negotiable, depending on the story / genre.



Style: Up to you!



Profit: Negotiable, depending on the artwork and story.

Project D