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The Vending Machine


Story & art: Eiri-Lestat

Imagine you are getting tricked into a curse which is strangely attached to an ordinary vending machine. This one in particularly makes you experience things that you could never imagine. Things you rather not see nor taste...

Don’t worry. there’s a way out, which is...


The la Muse


Art: Silvapinx
Story & concept art: Eiri-Lestat

A Danish girl called Frida, decides to move to Japan to be closer to her girlfriend Emi. However, what she didn’t expect was that she was going to live next to a very rude neighbor and on top of that, her apartment was once a crime scene for murder. But one night she puts everything behind her when she finds a disposed manga in a pile of trash, it becomes her obsession to find out who the author is, but that's just the beginning...

Learn Japanese with Rangora


Art & lesson: Eiri-Lestat
Co-Artist: rucalikes

This comic will help you learn Japanese grammar step by step in a fun way. The grammar will be color coded to help break down the grammar structure. Each comic will also be a story to help readers understand the context too! Also remember to write your answers in the comments, I’ll be helping and correcting any mistakes!

Please memorize everything you learn in the episodes because there will be mini stories only in Japanese language with no translation and no Romaji. [ ^ ^ ]

Spanish version of "Learn Japanese with Rangora" will soon be available!

Translated by Henry. 

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Art: Ahogemon
Story: Eiri-Lestat

The mischievous Haia Wada, the mature and level-headed Seina Ōno and the air-headed Mei Miura. who are about to start their first year at a prestigious all-girls high school in Sagamidana. The girls experience unlikely and strange situations throughout their time at Sagamidana high school. Who knows what they’ll get up to? All they know is that they’re in it together!

Estrellas entre Planetas


Art: Silvapinx
Story & Art: Eiri-Lestat
Logo & Translation: Henry



Uran y Ariel son una pareja que vive en Bucaramanga, Colombia. Su relación ha sido tensa y estuvo a punto de terminar, hasta que apareció un nuevo mundo. Los secretos de su pasado han vuelto para perseguirlos. ¿Esos secretos los separarán más o se volverán más fuertes juntos?">